All modalities are used on a "per needed" basis - therefor each massage is custom


Deep Tissue

Neuromuscular (Trigger Point)

Tui Na (Chinese Skin Rolling)

Myofascial Release


Aromatherapy / Food Grade Oils to balance your Constitution 

Lymphatic Drainage

TMJ & Sinus Pressure Alleviation

Bone Massage


Strains, sprains, bruises
Breaks up scar tissue and fibroids

Healing for post-surgical areas 

Reduces swelling and pain

Stimulates all the systems in the body

Detoxifies the organs

Increases immunity

Clears toxins and congestion

Enhances cellular vitaliity

Replenishes tone, energy,  and nutrients

Increases joint mobility

TMJ, sinus, headache alleviation

Brings an overwhelming sense of relief and happiness 


Structural Unwinding & 
Medical Detox Massage​​

​Come visit us .. Come Alive.


    For Your Office, Party, Home or Event

 * Please email or call to inquire

 * Regular Rate + $50 Travel Charge




 Gift Certificates Always Available

Cash,  Check  or Venmo/ Zelle  ~  Credit Cards are not Accepted at this time
 I provide invoices upon request for billing your Insurance Company 

(Fees apply for returned checks, missed appointments and last minute cancellations)

 60 Minutes    $100               

For That Quick Fix and Overall De-stressor

 90 Minutes    $150

Ahhh .. I needed that

 2 Hours         $200               

A Detailed Session - Watch Your Body Come Alive

 30 Minute Child   $40         

Helping Kids Through Their Growing Pains 

(under 15years old)

Approaching healing from a mind/ body/ spirit/ energetic perspective while providing a holistic approach to unwinding the skeletal system, decompressing pressure in bones and joints, breaking down scar tissue and trigger points and detoxing the organs and tissues that can accumulate inflammation and congestion by way of the lymphatic system.  

The purpose in giving a full body integrated massage is to address stress patterns that pull your body out of alignment, open chakra centers, reinforce wellness and to get all of the joints working in mobility with each other.  This ensures lasting effects and healing from a deeper perspective.

The pressure ranges from intense to gentle.

Your perfect treatment is attained with communication between both parties.