We heal when we address ourselves physically, spiritually and mentally.

1)  Take a Brisk Walk in the Sun Every Morning!

2)  Stretch as often as you work out and those muscles will stay lengthy and limber;  stretching should be a delightful experience.  Allowing oxygen and space into those active and tighter areas will decrease the chances of injury and increase the flow of energy throughout your body giving you more enjoyment from your life and also keeping disease at bay.

3)  Divide your weight by 2 and that is how many ounces of water per day you should drink. 
If you sweat more or work out heavily you should drink 75% of your weight in ounces.
An amazing little article on drinking water

4)  Be mindful of all the toxins or food or energy you allow into your body.  Mind/ Body/ Soul.  
Remember what goes in must come out or be made useful. Everything we hold on to weighs us down.

5)  Eat a colorful variety of fruits and veggies every day, at least 75% of your daily diet.  
Along with grains (for fiber) & B vitamins.  3 ounces of meat/ eggs or dairy a day is sufficient if you are a meat eater.  Animal products are harder on the body's digestive system and are not necessary for a thriving lifestyle. Easy on the sugar;  a little should go a long way.  Sugar lowers the immune system and allows for bacteria to grow.  Too much of both natural and processed sugars have the same effect.  Anything processed automatically lowers your immune system.  

6)  Have a relationship with your food.  Where did it come from? 
Was it harvested with intellect and care or was it sprayed and forgotten about or fed a diet not conducive with what it's body is asking for it to thrive? 
Do you sit down to enjoy your food and take time to digest? 
Do you consistently eat foods that have been processed and packaged for convenience? 

7)  Stay Active.  30-60minutes a day to get oxygen to your cells and flush out those toxins!
     Avoid Smoke or Smoky places.
     Limit Alcohol use.
     Take Time for yourself
     Practice Safety; 
        seat belts, helmets, check smoke detectors, designated driver while drinking, 
        keeping any weapons unloaded.

Remember we are all here learning lessons;  no one being is perfect or deserves to be mistreated. A display of anger is a display of fear - treat it carefully when you see it.  Live Simply.  Live out your passion.  Be Intentional.  

Practice peace for yourself and peace for others.  Be good to yourself and be capable of doing good to others; and your life will radiate with joy and satisfaction.

You are never alone.  You have everything you need.  Just look around.  Just ask.

Be Well.