Emilee's Lifestyle
* Specializing in Medical Detox & Structural Alignment 
* Wellness Enthusiast  
* Backpacking, Yoga, Running, Swimming, Biking, Dancing, Good Natured, Seeker of Truth and Righteousness
* Outdoor Adventures and Connecting with Nature
* Social Butterfly
* Ideals: Sugar/ GMO/ Processed Free.  Ayurvedic living.  Global responsibility. 
* Practicing acceptance for where I am at the time and for where others are


Emilee Huff, LMT


** these reviews were posted prior to 2016 .. updated reviews can be viewed via Yelp, Google and Facebook
Nosh T. says: This was the most therapeutic massage I have had in years. The therapist "Cured" some of the aches in this one session alone to anyone who has any issues to let her know and she would alleviate most of your pain in the first session. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 
A caring professional
Laura P. says: Emilee really takes the time and listens to areas of concerns, goals etc. before starting the massage which makes for a much more beneficial experience. She also helps with suggestions for diet, herbs and more to help improve overall health. I always leave feeling more grounded and happy. 
Thinks of YOU
Paige H. says: The massage I received was exactly as the name goes, "Thinking of You". I felt taken care of the second I walked in and during the massage I felt every area was listened to and interpreted. I felt my body changing for the better, and I am so glad to have met Emily and her skill set. She truly makes this an experience one won't likely forget. :D Thank you! 
Best Massage
Dave L. says: I agree with all the five star ratings and reviews! Of the 100+ massage therapists my wife and I have experienced, Emilee is the most unique and best, especially when it comes to improving our health. She delivers what our bodies need at the right firmness and location without being sore the next day. Although very few people have her special gift and talent, we hope she will someday be able to teach her special skills and knowledge to others and make the world feel better and be healthier! 
Great massage!!!
Salvador A. says: It was great massage i will return and tell other people about Emily!! 
Firm, caring, professional
Karl C. says: Emillee is sensitive and attentive, and she will use just as much pressure as you want. What is especially nice is that she is willing to push harder than a lot of massage therapists, which is good for me. She is also unfailingly cheerful and professional. 
Emilee is synonymous with Amazing
Nick D. says: Emilee is a wonderfully kind and gentle spirit willing to trust her training and intuition while working with you and your body in the fashion it needs. I wholeheartedly recommend her across the board for anything from serious and pre-existing conditions to a simple and complete relaxation massage. 
Highly Impressed!
Mary P. says: I have been to many massage therapists over the years, and Emilee was head and shoulders above the rest. Not only was she polite and personable, but she was attentive to more than I even imagined. I mentioned my hobbies (which she immediately understood from a physiological standpoint), and she noticed an inconsistency in my gait which was contributing to chronic pain I was having while running. She worked with me for a solid hour and did excellent work. I thought I would be sore the day after, but I am not, and instead I feel great. I am excited to go back and will highly recommend her to anyone I know! 
Pam H. says: Emilie/Emilee has the touch. She worked on my shoulder from various angles and I have almost full range of motion, which I hadn't had for over 9 months. Going back for 2 hrs asap. thanks so much
Kelly D. says: I have not been into many message issues having always relied upon doctors or Chiropractors. I have been to two others a couple times. I find the price for value very great and often with a therapist of any type there is always a personality link to be made. Emily created great effects in relieving pains I had tolerated for some time, with the firs visit. I anticipate several more visits. One visit is only a cornerstone to build upon. I am standing and sitting taller today, contrary to slouching that had become an average. Thanks Emily... 

Eddie M. says: After reading all the reviews before making an appointment, I thought that there would be no way I could be disappointed. But, I was. Emilee was okay but I have had much better massages in the past in the area that I wanted her to specialize. So I doubt I will ever go back to her unless she would be willing to do a more specialized massage. I did not get long range benefit from the massage. It was okay after the massage until I started to walk around outside her building. The pain I had before the session started was still there because she did not work the area it kneaded it the most. I gave her a 4 star rating because of the price and her diligent to help me although in the long run, I received very little benefit. 
Nancy S. says: Terrific first massage given by a skilled and caring practitioner. 
Great Experience
Nevada M. says: I highly recommend Emilee, especially if you have problem areas. She zeroed in on those areas and gave them extra attention. I received a very therapeutic massage. She's professional, friendly, and her office is comfortable and pleasant. 
Well done.
Jesse E. says: Emilee you are knowledgeable, friendly as well as comfortable. This was an immensely therapeutic massage. I look forward to our next session. 
Great First Massage!
Kelly M. says: Warm and friendly. Emilee did some magickal new things for me. Not too sore afterwards either! Very satisfying. 
Just what a gardener needed
JoAnn L. says: Thank you so much for always doing such a great job on my sore muscles and always managing to put me to sleep at the same time ! 
Emilee's massage
Lani v. says: My husband and I both went for a massage. First, Emilee was very friendly and welcoming which put us at ease with a new massage therapist. Then, we both fully appreciated the massage she gave us. Each massage was tailored to the need and wants of the client. Thanks Emilee! 
Melanie says
Melanie c. says: Emily is definitely a magical therapist. She took her time analyzing my needs and then performed miracles on my body. She truly cares about her clients.I have had many massages but Emily is the BEST! 
Great massage!
JJ K. says: I was not familiar with lymphatic massage before coming to Emily. What an experience! I came out of this massage really feeling like something meaningful and healing had been done to my body. I was very impressed. Thanks Emily. 
Wise sage
Janette f. says: Emilee is very intuitive and detail oriented. I love the lymphatic work mixed w/ structural massage. I would recommend her to any one! 
Karl C. says: Emily is very professional and caring, and she clearly works very hard to serve her clients. I also like the online booking. She was firm, just as I requested, and my back pain is gone. What a relief! 
Best technique yet
Shelley G. says: I've never had "structural" and lymph work before and now I am a convert. Emily is positive, intuitive and a definite healer. My first massage was two days ago and I can still feel the amazing progress Emily made in just one session. I've already booked my next one in two weeks - for 90 minutes. I enthusiastically recommend Emily to anyone who has pain, inflammation and tight muscles. 
Excellence in health care
Gwen S. says: This therapist possesses an uncommon knowledge of the human body and its intricacies, but she has the ability to 'feel' the body's responses... Incredibly positive, intelligent and intuitive. 
Great massage
Sean S. says: Emily gave a very therapeutic and relaxing massage. Just what my back and legs needed. She also showed me a great stretch to help loosen my back. Thanks Emily!! I'll be back. 
Intuition and longer lasting results
Ari C. says: This kind soul was kind enough to address my MANY structural issues with proper care, intution, knowledge and technique. After having lots of different massage and alternative therapies, Emily has been one of the best in terms of helping me to identify what is actually going on with my musculature and the root causes of my imbalances. As a fitness pro, this is indeed the most helpful to me when someone can explain what certain muscles are doing and how they are reacting and feeling. Thank you so much for working with me & making me feel like you really care about helping me. Not all therapists take it to the next level so I appreciate your deep healing bodywork. I mean, its pretty much a given to feel better after a massage of any kind but, it's rare to leave feeliHi-5like it is something that will last! Hi-5! 
Just what I needed!
Susie H. says: This was one of those days where I just needed to relax! Emily listened to what I wanted and delivered the perfect massage. I don't live near but it was worth the drive and I'll be back! Thank you, Emily:) 
Demos massage
Sheila G. says: Emily was the best! Definitely returning! 
The best!
Kayla G. says: Emily is great and I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a good massage! She talks with me about where my pain is and focuses on my problem areas to really help me feel better long-term (not just temporary relaxation). She also takes the time to talk with me about what I can do in terms of diet, exercise, and stretches in between sessions and is always super helpful and knowledgable! 
Dan R. says: I love Emilys dedication to her clients. She came an a half hour earlier than she needed to in order to fit me in for a 90 minute massge. She takes the time to address problem areas especially my lower back and tells you after your massage what you should do to help yourself between appts. I recommend her to all my friends and family. Thanks Emily see you soon.
"Emilee has generously shared her wisdom of massage therapy, and her positive energy, with me during my studies at LAMBS. I have also received amazing body work from her. Emilee's therapy technique is, as best I can describe in words- "intuitive accuracy saturated with peace." I received exactly what I needed from Emilee's masterful hands; healing that most effectively aided me in my recovery from repetitive and traumatic injuries. I highly recommend Ms. Tinker's services to anyone in need, whether for recovery or relaxation. Please gift yourself Emilee's healing touch without delay! You'll be really glad you did."
--J. Paison

"You are amazing! How you remove the stress of a day or week! Thanks for not going too easy on me! :-)"
--S. Durgin

"I have never had a better massage. I could tell that Emilee really cares about helping you feel your best."    --A. Smith

"Emilee, Your Quarterly Newsletter has a lot of good information, thank you for sharing it with me.  In addition to giving me a great massage you also provide advise and information to help me maintain good health.  I feel lucky to have met you.  Again, many many thanks."
--W. Sanchez

"Hey Emilee.  Just wanted to thank you again for a GREAT SESSION!  Your hands and skill are truly amazing.  I'll never go anywhere else!" 
-M. Acosta

"Emilee has worked on me often and has done an amazing job each and every time. As a personal trainer/bodybuilder I have abused my body over the years. Whenever I was in need of therapy, Emilee was there to help relax my muscles and ease any pain I had.
Bottom line I highly recommend her." 
Year first hired: 1999 
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
-W. Ross  Owner/Trainer at Ross Fitness Elite

My Story



 -2000 Graduated from Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado  
Massage Therapy Certification   (Specializing in Structural Integration)   

-2001 Worked at Wild Oats in the Herbs, Supplements and Natural Body Care department

-2012  Colorado School of Healing Arts  
Accreditation for Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

-Has ongoing interest and participation in Wellness through Horticulture, Ayruvedic Practices, Yoga, and the benefits of an alkaline diet.

-CPR and First Aid Certification Performed Every 2years and Current.

Emilee began exploring the elements of intentional and energetic touch at the age of 11 and moved from Massachusetts to Denver, Colorado at the age of 17 to pursue her career.  

Structurally;  she uses an educated, whole-istic and intuitive understanding of the cells, bones, muscles, joints and organs to provide whole body integrative relief from strain, swelling and scar tissue.

Paired with bodywork;  she performs a lymphatic detox that stimulates the lymph nodes and increases the flow of circulating fluid that provides nutrients to the tissues and expels toxins/ stagnant debris.  This treatment reduces swelling and enhances the immune system.

Supportive herbs and plants, whole foods, silence and patience, lengthening and expanding, detoxing, processing, awareness, acceptance, truth, honor and love are all fundamentals in her life.  "I owe all that I am and all that I have to God;  and I thank him for bringing you to me."